Lawn Maintenance

A well maintained lawn gives your property that ‘finished’ look, whilst providing an area for the kids to play and helping to reduce the ambient temperature around your house during hot summers.

JPL Horticulture can provide mowing, edging, trimming, fertilising, weed and pest management services for your lawn. This means that you can spend your valuable spare time enjoying your lawn without the hassle of maintaining it.

Mulch Installation

Covering your garden beds with a layer of mulch is one of the most effective ways you can create a beautiful garden.

Not only does a mulched garden look visually pleasing, it also increases soil moisture retention, suppresses weeds and feeds the soil microorganisms as it decomposes.

JPL Horticulture can organise and install mulch or compost in your garden throughout the Adelaide region.

Garden Clean ups

Whether it be the end of lease, pre-sale, or just a chore you haven’t had time to get to, JPL Horticulture can clean up your garden and remove the green waste saving you the hassle.

Weed Management

The control of weeds is key to the overall health and beauty of your garden.

At JPL Horticulture we practice integrated weed management techniques that combine manual removal with selective herbicide control. By taking care of weeds on a regular basis it is possible to decrease the amount of weeds occurring in your garden by reducing the seed load in the soil and thus potential weeds in the future.

Plant Pest Management

Plant pests can effect the health of many common garden plants, leading to unsightly damage.

JPL Horticulture can provide integrated pest management services for your garden. These services include the use of insect traps, the controlled release of insect predators, and the use of chemical controls.


The application of a good organic fertiliser or soil conditioner, whether controlled release pellets or immediately available liquids, can feed both your plants and your soil microorganisms.

JPL Horticulture can fertilise your garden on a regular schedule keeping your garden looking its best year round.


Here at JPL Horticulture we offer industry best standards in the pruning of small trees, hedges, shrubs and roses.

By undertaking selective pruning techniques, we ensure that your plants are at their best in terms of health and aesthetics.

Our pruning services include:

– Small trees and hedges up to 3.5m

– Shrubs

– Roses

– Topiary

– Fruit trees